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2016 - Wow! 35 Years of Results & 20 Years of Pawformance Dog Sports in Livingston County!

Previous long running #1 and first page puppy class search hits on Google and Yahoo!

Pictured is my former north Howell center, now we live in the Hartland area.

Registering Now for Summer Group Classes in Brighton!

Classes are limited, sign up early to avoid disappointment!

Getting sass? Sign up for a Results class and relax! Busy or shy pet? Use the direct entry from the parking lot into the gym to your training station.

An ad will be running in the June Marketeer. Look for the puppy picture of Golden Retriever "Spirit" there and in the spring-summer Brighton Community Ed brochure.

From the litter to your best friend... Results and Pawformance Dog Sports! classes are based on a hands-on, unique praise reward training and handling for companion dogs that are pets - not lawn or show ring ornaments! Based on hands-on and building relationships - not clickers & treats, toys, electronics or remotes! To learn more, click on the Program Description link above.

Much Experience! In Livingston County since 1981, Results Puppy and Dog Training & Pawformance Dog Sports!

(PDS since 1996) have been offering trainers (pet owners) a cognitive style of interacting with their puppies and dogs. While many enhancements to our program have taken place since the early years, our base has stayed the same - because it works! A common sense, gentle hands on, practical approach from the dog's perspective along with praise is the foundation of my program. Praise is the best 'positive' training, as you always have it with you and there is no need to keep your pet 'hungry' so it will (hopefully) perform for a treat!

From the litter to your best friend, the Results simple and efficient approach works when mutual respect, responsible care and fulfilling exercise needs are provided. Proper handling in between structured leash training sessions is just as important as teaching responses to commands. Thus, the first class is for trainers - the pets stay home!

Dear Mary,
We really enjoyed watching "Annie" (Chelsea's Gala Parade CD, CGC) at the Lansing Dog Show. At the show it really became clear to us what a special relationship you have with your animals. There were many people there that had very well trained dogs yet didn't really seem to understand their animals. As the Monks of New Skete said in their book "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend", "While the dog performed well one wonders what the total dog-human relationship was like." Unfortunately, the judges don't score on this and I'm sure breeders that form "true bonds" are rare. You have a very special skill and you are lucky to have a job you truly love. ... Your friends, Barbara & Ole - "Skyla" - Chelsea' s Skyrocket - Golden Retriever

Training director, Mary T. Ratelle Hepp, has been called a dog whisperer for decades because she knows dogs. Note that she does not follow the current media trends of 'dog whisperer' labels that may be a hyped business lure or fabricated drama. It is her opinion that true dog whisperers do not need to rely on dysfunctional methods or harsh handling, nor do they need to yell or shout! She can bring the best out of any dog.

The Livingston County Press - Argus Hometown Newspaper featured training director, Mary T. in their April 13, 2005 'Neighbor' story titled 'Dog Whisperer' Tames Wild-at-Heart Canines.

If you are in my program and in need of extra help, consider a home private. I can help you with sass, nipping, housebreaking, crate training, starting obedience and more! This is a perk for trainers in the program. Private training does not take the place of a small group class and regular training. A group training class offers excellent practice for manners and skills needed when you have company and when your pet is away from home.
A one to one and a half hours lesson at your home is $80 - if you are in the Brighton-Hartland-Howell area. Travel may be charged out of noted area. Read more on the Program Information page, a link is above.

Caution: Fraud alert! The Results Dog Training name, handouts and advertising material and even a previous address (!) has been used by others doing in home consultations, personal training and other group classes. Note Mary T. Ratelle Hepp does all instruction, staff is not employed.
If my name is used by another, do not write a check! Do get pertinent information, copy driver license if possible and get license plate information. If possible, take a picture! Please advise if you receive material with our name. Thank you!

Warning - Pet edibles from China!! This is very old news, but many well known stores have chosen to still sell treats on their shelves coming from China. There have been documented cases of thousands of pets that have died or became seriously ill from digesting food with toxins found in them in our country alone. Be sure to check labels and discard anything with "China" on it!! I find it sad what greed can do to people in the trade that we assume care about our pets... Too much info to share here on this subject - Google and learn.

General Information and FAQs Link

To help prevent issues, please read this article:

Raising a Dog in a House with Children
By Mary T. Ratelle-Hepp, published in the March 2006 issue of the Livingston Parent Journal

Wild Walk Gardens LLC Mary T., our training director, is an MSU Advanced Master Gardener. She enjoys designing gardens with an emphasis on Michigan native plants and flowers.

Visit: Wild Walk Gardens LLC

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Training personal dogs since 1967.
Showing purebred dogs since 1971.

Results Dog Training L.L.C. &
Pawformance Dog Sports!
Celebrating 35 & 20 years of training
in Livingston County!

1981 - 2016

Agility field at our previous location! Pawformance Dog Sports! (PDS) agility started with the USDAA in 1992, before AKC!
Currently offered is a PDS Agility & Rally-O recreational (not titling) meld class on Tuesdays evenings.

Warning - training here can be habit forming - people and their 's have fun!!


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